hi, i play rhythm guitar and lead vocals, me and my friend rik (the drummer) and an awesome lead guitarist are forming a new band, we're all aged 32 and have been playing years, lots of experience and are looking for a bassist to be part of the band, the idea for this band is to do covers and just get out there and make some money, we dont often play cover exactly how they are, we like to give them our own flavour/twist when we can, songs will include all sort of genre's from all era's, we are very open to suggestions within the band, as long as the music is good and has plenty groove, some songs we have jammed so far are - sublime - santeria beatles - come together crowded house - fall at your feet chili peppers, the doors, 60's etc, etc and so on we have a monster p.a system with monitors and an awesome sound engineer, preferably we would prefer someone who can sing (for harmonies/backing vocals, and the odd song if you want) we have a rehearsal room, plenty space, safe, gear is locked up there if you want, bradford based but hopefully will be gigging in the summer in and around the surrounding area's if you are intereested drop me a txt, we practice every saturday afternoon at the moment my number is 07521538276, cheers mikey