Thanks to social media, promoting a band has really never been easier. But, that doesn't mean that promoting your band through social media is as simple as making a fan page and asking your buddies to follow it. You've got to put in some work, just as you do when you're plastering the town with flyers about your upcoming gig.

So, what does your band need to do with social media in order to promote itself successfully? There are a number of different strategies, but we're going to take a look at the most basic ones. It probably wouldn't surprise you to learn that most bands get the basics wrong – and you don't want to be one of those bands, do you? We thought not.

Your Profile Page Represents Your Band's Brand

Take the time to really put together an attractive profile page, whether it's on Facebook, Twitter or somewhere else. The quality of your page, especially in the eyes of new fans that may just be hearing about you, reflects upon the quality of your band. If you've got the money saved up from a few recent gigs, it may be worth the expenditure to hire someone who's skilled at this sort of thing to set it up for you. When you go this route, you'll find out why it can be so beneficial to have a professional look.

Keep Your Social Media Mojo Going

If you went to all the trouble of setting up an attractive social media profile and presence, then you'll want to make sure that you keep it up to date. This means that you'll want to post regularly. Of course, if you want your regular posting to be effective, then you should attempt to gear your posts towards things that drive a conversation. While you'll definitely have posts that simply promote an upcoming gig or release, you'll also want to include posts that invite your fans to share their opinions. What did they think of your last gig? How about the latest news that's rocking the music industry?

No One Likes a Self-Promoter

Sure, the ultimate purpose of your band's social media presence is to market your band, but that doesn't mean your band is the only thing your social media page should be concerned with. You want to push content toward your fans that they'll find interesting. If there's a band you recently played an out-of-town gig that you think your fans would dig, then share some of that band's music. Not only will your fans appreciate the heads up, but the band you're promoting might be inclined to return the favor, promoting you to their fan base.

Consider Facebook Advertising

You're a struggling musician; we get that. But, if you're not already familiar, you'd be surprised by how powerful and effective Facebook ads can be. Because Facebook knows pretty much all there is to know about the people who use it, you can directly target ads for your band at the people who should see them. Do you have a gig coming up out of town? Well, you can target ads for that gig at people who live in that town and are fans of bands that play music in a style similar to yours. What's more, since the ad campaign will be so narrowly targeted, it won't be nearly as expensive as you think it might be.

Remember It's Not All About Social Media

In this technological age that we live in, people – including musicians – tend to get caught up in all of this stuff. While a great social media presence can help grow your fan base, promote gigs, and even get noticed, it's still not nearly as important as creating good music. So make sure you're not taking too much time away from β€˜the music' when you're chasing the social media dragon.